Hust has been established for the past 25 years. The products range from single up to multi-axis CNC controller and is available for many kind of operating processes such milling, turning, Positioning, bending & etc

Controller features includes internal PLC, standard I/O, G-code/Conversational programming,MACRO command, MPG program test, RS232 interface & etc.

H2N   H2P   H4C
H4C-B   H4C-T   H4C-M
H4CL   H4CL-B    
H4CTM4   H4CL-T   H4CL-M
DC24V-POWER   MPG   MPG (Hand Wheel)
IO-A-I   IO-A-O   IO-N-I
SIO-O   USB-RS232    
Machine with 2
H2P Controller