In year 2004, Sun Mechatronic builds mini CNC XYZ unit with the cooperation from our long-term business Japanese partner and from our customer’s valuable feedback and advise. Since then, we have delivered more than 200 units to the market. The xyz unit can be installed as a stand-alone unit or as the sub-station in a special purpose machine. Its features include Small, Compact, high accuracy, high rigidity and robust environment.

Stroke: XY axis 30mm ~250mm, Z axis 30~100mm
Servo Motor: 100 ~ 1000kw
Max Speed: 15 m/min
Spindle rpm: 3000~40000 rpm
Repeatability: 0.006mm
Power Supply: AC230V/1P
Controller: PC Base or G-code Programming

Mini CNC Unit   Mini CNC Unit   Slide Unit
XYZ   XYZ PC Base    
Auto-Indexing Handler        
XYZ Unit & Jig   Slide & Fix    
2 units XYZ complete with indexer   1 axis servo control slide unit for milling process