TAC, products that contribute to Automation & Labor Saving in industries. A wide range of products to choose for your machining process needs. Small, Lightweight, Compact, High accuracy & various Special option features are available to creator for the specific requirement.

Drill / Tap Unit   Mechanical Feed Unit   Spindle Motor
Power output (kw): 0.13~3.7
Spindle stroke (mm): 70~200
  Power output (kw): 0.06~1.5
Spindle stroke (mm): 100~20000
  Power output (kw): 0.13~1.5
RPM: 3000~6000
ATC & other options available
High Speed Spindle Motor   Small Size Tap Unit   DC Brushless Motor
Power output (kw): 0.13~1.5
RPM: 10,000~20,000
ATC & other options available

Power output (kw): 0.13
RPM: 3000
Capacity: Max M3

  Power output (kw): 0.13
RPM: 10,000~40,000
Tapping Spindle   Auto Drill Stand   Woodwork, Resin,
Process Drill Unit
Power output (kw): 0.2
RPM: 1200

A drilling device of new age

  Drilling, milling and cutting for woodwork, resin
process. Low cost,and high performance
Mechatro Cylinder        
High speed and high precision positioning
Drill Unit   Machining with High
Speed Spindle Motor